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24 May 2011 @ 11:29 pm
[Challenge 19] Alternate Universe  
• Four entries per person.
• All entries must be made specifically for this challenge and cannot be shared until after voting.
• Please don't put any tags or watermarks on your entries to retain anonymity.
• All effects are allowed, except animation.
• Be original and have fun! Don't follow tutorials too closely and don't be afraid to try new things.
• Don't enter variation of the same wallpaper (ex. one black & white and one colored).
• All entries should be 1024x768, or 1280x800.
• To enter, post your wallpaper as a thumbnail and then the URL to the full image.
Use this code, if needed.

Deadline: Wednesday, June 3.

Challenge 19: Alternate Universe
This week's challenge was inspired by THIS WALLPAPER created by mishlee (BEWARE OF FINALE SPOILERS, THOUGH). Your challenge this week is to create a wallpaper depicting an alternate universe. Give Ruby some angel wings, give Castiel some demon eyes, make a manip of Dean and Lisa's wedding with Ben as ring bearer, or maybe there's a Winchester sister. Be creative and go crazy!
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